THE OAKS Offers QUIET Living with all the BENEFITS of Being Located INSIDE The City Limits!



Outside City Limits VS.


INSIDE the City Limits in THE OAKS
  • Depend on Volunteer Fire Departments. Cache and Elgin are both volunteer based.
  • Rest assured that the Fully Staffed City of Lawton Fire Department is ready and waiting 24/7 when you need them.

  • No inspections , requirements or reviews required to build. No official documentation of what's below the surface.

  • Home are inspected by city inspectors and built to a code of quality required by the City of Lawton.

  • No city police protection. You are dependent the on county sheriff.

  • Rest easy knowing the services of the City Police are always on duty nearby.

  • No covenants requiring upkeep of your neighbor’s property. Neighbors junk and     overgrown yards can decrease YOUR property value.

  • City covenants create standards to abide by. The Oaks covenants further enhance standards to benefit overall property values.

  • Must rely on expensive community water systems or expensive private water wells
  • Spend less with City of Lawton Water and have money left over for irrigation!
  • Historically, rising fuel costs have affected marketability & resale value of homes in the county.

  • Retain resale value by living close to shopping, hospitals and restaurants. Remain carefree with City of Lawton Sewer service.

  • Hassle with the maintenance and expense of Septic Tanks.

  • Remain carefree with City of Lawton Sewer service.

  • DSL internet and cable are unavailable in many areas. Revert back to slow dial up.
  • In The Oaks enjoy all options including high speed DSL, Cable or Satellite.

  • Depend on rural volunteer EMS Service.

  • Rest easy with local EMS service and two nearby hospitals.

  • Higher homeowners insurance costs in part due to lack of fire and police protection.

  • Spend less on homeowners insurance and more on stuff you enjoy!

What does valueand getting more for your money mean to you? Is it a quality, energy efficient home that will save you money on utilities? Is it spending less on high gas prices from a long commute and putting that money towards something you enjoy or is it experiencing a luxurious, architecturally beautiful home in a prestigious lakeside community? In The Oaks you will enjoy all of these things!  Don’t waste your money on the additional expenses of living outside the city limits. Invest in a home in The Oaks and spend more time enjoying the good life!