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10 Benefits of Investing in a New Home Inside the City Limits

Posted Wed, June 1, 2016 by Whitney Nance Perry

When looking at new homes in Lawton, Ok, it's very important to make sure you are aware of whether that home is INSIDE or OUTSIDE the city limits. Buying a home outside the city limits is a risky move. That's why we only develop our homes here in The Oaks, which is INSIDE the city limits. Read more to see why: 



1. All homes inside the city limits must comply with city code and pass multiple inspections by licensed city inspectors.  This ensures quality and peace of mind for you- Many people with little to no knowledge of building codes and  standards build homes outside the city limits because they do NOT have to comply with any codes. Easy for the builder… bad for the buyer.


2. City of Lawton Fire Protection 24/7 with Certified EMT's- Houses outside the city limits and in surrounding towns like Cache, Elgin and Medicine Park are dependent on volunteer fire departments. These departments do not have the equipment the city departments have and they are not continually manned. When it comes to protecting your family and memories… seconds count.  


3. City of Lawton Police Protection- Houses outside the city are covered by the County Sheriff.  The Sheriff has the entire county to cover which means it could take significantly longer for an officer to reach your location in the event of an alarm or emergency.


4. Residential Zoning Ordinances and City Covenants- Ordinances and covenants harmony and beautification.  In The Oaks, you can rest assured knowing that your home will be surrounded by only comparable luxury homes since builder Ron Nance owns and controls the land for one square mile. BEWARE that establishments which are banned inside the city limits can pop up right across the road from your house or neighborhood outside the city and there is nothing you can do about it. Neighbors can also turn their property into a junk yard and there are no covenants restricting it.



5. Lower Homeowners Insurance Rates- Homes outside the city limits cost significantly more to insure, partly due to a lack of services likes fast response fire protection.


6. Close Access to Shopping Restaurants and Medical Care- The Oaks is minutes from shopping and restaurants and just half a mile from Southwestern Medical Center.


7. City of Lawton Water and Trash Service- Homes outside the city limits are dependent community water systems and private water wells. In recent history, these have been much more expensive than city water and had significantly less supply in times of drought. Residents outside the city limits must also make arrangements to pay for private trash collection. The fees add up! 


8. City Sewer- When you live inside the city, this is a service you may take for granted because you never have to think about it!  Homes outside the city must find other means of waste removal like septic tanks which require emptying, maintenance and added expense.


9. High Speed Internet- In many areas outside the city limits, high speed internet and cable are unavailable.


10. CenterPoint Energy Natural Gas- All new homes in The Oaks provide the efficiency and comfort of natural gas. Natural gas heat sources are more cost effective and comfortable than electric heat sources.  Most areas outside the city limits do not have access to natural gas lines and must run on all electric or hassle with expensive propane tanks which can unexpectedly run out of propane at the most inconvenient times, like in the middle of a hot shower on a snowy day!


Call us today at (580) 917-2706 to see our beautiful move in ready homes today! 


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