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Five Southwest Oklahoma Fall Gardening Tips

Posted Mon, October 3, 2016


 Fall and Spring are both important times to fertilize your lawn and garden. Fertilizing in the  Fall will help the roots recover from the stress of summer and continue to feed throughout  the winter. Although many plants appear to be dormant during the winter, their roots are  continuing to grow. Ensuring that they have a proper supply of nutrients throughout the  winter will help them flourish. We like to use 18-46-0 fertilizer from the co-op. This works  well with the soil in this region. When fertilizing flowers and shrubs, be careful not to add    too much as it can burn the plants. A few large cups liberally sprinkled over your beds will  go a long way.

 2.Add Iron to Trees and Plants

 Plants need iron to thrive. In this region the soil is deficient of iron. Fertilizing your yard will  provide iron, but you can take it a step further and add additional iron directly to trees and  plants that need an extra boost.  Some varieties of Oak Tree turn bright red in the Fall. A  healthy dose of iron will help the leaves obtain that beautiful red color. Iron will also help  the leaves of trees and plants to have a healthy deep green color in the summer. If you  ever notice the leaves of your plants or trees turning yellow in the summer, this is a good  indication that it needs more iron. Iron pellets can be purchased at the co-op.

3.Plant Spring Bulbs

The bright yellow blooms of the daffodil are always one of the first signs of Spring in this area! My favorite Spring bulb is the tulip. Now is the time to make plans to have beautiful color in the Spring. After the ground cools it is time to plant your Spring bulbs. They should be planted before the first freeze. October-November is an ideal time to plant your bulbs in this area. 

4.Prune and Mulch

Fall is a great time to trim back those overgrown shrubs and hedges. Some plants, especially roses, can overtake a landscape if left unattended. In the Fall, roses should be clipped back with pruning shears. This will help the plant to come back fuller and healthier in the Spring. Trees and hedges used in the flower beds should be trimmed with a hedger to maintain their shape. Ornamental grasses can be trimmed in the Fall or left throughout the Winter to provide texture and interest for the landscape. If they are not trimmed in the Fall, they should be trimmed in the Spring before the new growth begins to sprout. A fresh coating of mulch on all flower beds will help to insulate the roots of plants throughout the winter.  Adding fresh mulch regularly will also help to improve the soil composition over time.

5. Plant Annual Flowers for Color

Annuals are flowers that last for one season and perennials are flowers that come back year after year. Annual flowers tend to be more vivid and are worth the extra effort. To get the biggest bang for your buck, plant annuals in clusters rather than spacing them out. Near the front entrance of a home is a great place to add a large grouping of annuals. Using this method will allow you to create an even bigger impact using less flowers.  The best winter annual in this area is the Pansy. Planting pansies now will allow the roots to establish before winter. Don't forget to give your pansies some water throughout the winter. Even your lawn and trees need an occasional watering throughout the winter. Once things begin to warm up in the Spring, your pansies will really begin to show off. They'll provide color until it's time for your summer annuals around May.

With a little attention each season, the soil will become easier to work with and you will be rewarded with a lush lawn and healthy garden that will add value to your home for many years to come! 

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