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Thinking of Buying a New Home Around Lawton? 10 Things You Should Know About Investing Inside vs. Outside The City Limits.

Posted Tue, May 26, 2020

Has all the extra time at home got you dreaming of something new? If so, you are not alone! Many people are beginning the process of seeing what’s out there in the new home market in Lawton. When searching for a new home one consideration to make is whether that home is located inside or outside the city limits of Lawton. Sometimes that line is hard to define so it’s important for home shoppers do their homework. Some developments are close to the city but they are not inside the city limits. These areas are not covered by many critical city services. The Oaks Development is located inside the city limits. Many people do not realize the risks associated with living outside the city limits until it’s too late. Continue reading for more details and 10 benefits of living inside the city limits:


1. City of Lawton Fire Protection 24/7:

Houses outside the city limits of Lawton and in surrounding towns are dependent on volunteer fire departments. Volunteer fire departments do not have the same resources and equipment as The City of Lawton and they are not staffed with firefighters ready and waiting to respond to emergencies at all times. The City of Lawton Fire Department employs 141 authorized members. All Lawton firefighters complete a rigorous training course and are certified EMT’s. The City of Lawton fire department also employs 8 paramedics with advanced training who are able to provide specialized assistance in the most critical of emergencies. City of Lawton Fire professionals are ready and waiting to respond to any emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Many of the surrounding volunteer fire departments have 20 or less volunteers. The volunteer fire departments do not have the same ability to respond as The City of Lawton. City of Lawton Fire Station No. 8 is located off Bishop Road across from Oak Ridge. In the event of an emergency, help is right across the road. When it comes to protecting your family and memories, every second counts.



2. Lower Homeowners Insurance Rates:

Homes outside the city limits cost more to insure due to the risk of burning down in the event of a fire. Fire departments are given an ISO rating for insurance purposes. These ratings help insurers set homeowners insurance rates by determining how risky a home is to insure. The scale is from 1-10, the lower the score the better. A score of 1 indicates the best protection and 10 indicates the worst. Homes located in The Oaks Development have an ISO rating of 1, the best possible rating. Many  homes outside the city limits have a rating of 10 because they are not covered by the same level of fire protection as homes inside the City of Lawton. To be fully aware of the risk you might be assuming, it is recommended to check with your insurance agent to find out the ISO rating of a property before signing a contract to purchase a home. 

3. Closer Proximity to Emergency Medical Care:

Living inside the city limits means closer access to life saving emergency medical care. Studies show that ambulance response times typically double in rural areas versus urban areas. The Oaks Development is located only one mile from Southwestern Medical Center and four miles from Comanche County Memorial Hospital. Both hospitals offer emergency medical care 24 hours a day. The Lawton Fire Department responds to all 911 medical calls dispatching highly trained EMT’s until an ambulance arrives. With Fire Station No. 8 located directly across the street from The Oaks, you can rest easy knowing that help is just across the street. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, EVERY SECOND can mean LIFE or DEATH!

4. All homes inside the city limits must comply with CITY, STATE and NATIONAL building codes:

Homes inside the city limits must be built to code and are inspected after every phase of construction by licensed inspectors from the City of Lawton. These codes ensure that homes are constructed to a rigorous set of quality and safety standards. There is no entity to inspect or enforce building codes outside the city limits. No licensing or credentials are required to build and sell a home in Oklahoma. Many homes are built outside the city limits because it is easier and there is no entity to oversee the work. This is easy for the Builder but bad for the Buyer. Ron Nance, President and CEO of The Oaks Development Company has completed all of the educational requirements to obtain the Certified Professional Builder designation from the Oklahoma State Home Builders Association. Nance has been building homes in Lawton since 1985 and all homes that he builds adhere to the strictest set of building codes as verified by City of Lawton inspectors.

5. Residential Zoning Ordinances and City Covenants:

Ordinances and covenants ensure harmony and beautification. In The Oaks, you can rest assured knowing that your home will be surrounded by only comparable luxury homes since Ron Nance owns and controls the land for one square mile from Bishop Road to the commercial frontage at Lee Blvd. Beware that establishments which are banned inside the city limits can pop up right across the road from your house or neighborhood outside the city and there is nothing you can do about it. Night clubs, junk yards and more could be your future neighbor in the county.

6. City of Lawton Water and Trash Service:

Homes outside the city limits are dependent on community water systems. These water districts are known to cost significantly more than City of Lawton water. In some areas, residents who desire to keep a green lawn are unable to do so due to the high cost of water. In times of drought, these community systems have been known to have significantly lower supply and tighter restrictions. Residents outside the city limits must also make arrangements to pay for private trash collection. The costs and fees add up!

7. City Sewer:

When you live inside the city limits, waste removal is a nasty chore you never have to think about as homes connect directly to the city sewer. Homes outside the city limits don’t have it as easy and other means of waste removal must be planned such as septic systems. These systems require emptying, maintenance and add expense.

8. High Speed Internet:

In many areas outside the city limits, high speed internet and cable are unavailable. High speed internet is available throughout The Oaks communities and Oak Ridge is the only development in West Lawton with high speed fiber optic internet lines from Fidelity Communications, this is the best and fastest on the market!

9. Paved Concrete City Streets:

Homes built in The Oaks are developed in a community with city infrastructure, concrete streets, full curbs, sidewalks and street lights. Developments are built to last 100 years.

10. City of Lawton Police Protection:

Houses inside the City Limits of Lawton are covered by the Lawton Police Department while houses outside the city are covered by the Comanche County Sheriff. According to The City of Lawton website, The City of Lawton Police Department “currently employs 179 sworn Officers and 61 civilian personnel”. In the event of an alarm or emergency, officers from The City of Lawton Police Department are always nearby and ready to respond.

If you’re ready for a little more fresh air and open space but don’t want to risk leaving the protection of the services offered in the city then come check out what we have available in The Oaks! A drive into The Oaks showcases views of Lawton's largest lake with two miles of shoreline and Nance's majestic Bison roaming the land. The views are fantastic and the homes are stunning! 


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